We’ve got a reputation to protect

Our team has been selling, servicing and rebuilding Viking® gear pumps for years. We’re familiar with every size and series and our shop techs could probably assemble one blindfolded.

We’re committed to being the best Viking® rebuild and repair shop in the world. So we take great pride in our standards and quality assurance process.

  • Complete Teardown and Inspection
  • All Seals, Bearings, Gaskets Replaced

  • Every Part Within Factory Clearance

  • 2-Year Full Parts & Labor Warranty


Strip Down & Polish Up

Every pump we bring into our shop to re-manufacture is taken apart piece-by-piece. We throw away all soft and minor parts such as gaskets, seals, bearings etc. Then every individual part is thoroughly cleaned and striped down. During this stage we also treat the parts chemically to minimize the risk of rusting and corrosion.

  • Tear down every pump to bare parts and metal

  • Throw out gaskets, seals, bearings

  • Clean and chemically treat all non-ferrous metal parts


Find the Rotten Apples

Once we’ve got the parts loose and cleaned thoroughly, our techs go to work very closely inspecting each and every part. They start with a close visual inspection to find any obvious cracks, cavitation and other signs of wear. We throw out many parts at this point. But the real test begins when we whip out our micrometers! Every pump part we put into a rebuild is closely measured to ensure it generously falls within original factory tolerances.

  • Visual inspection finds many obvious worn down parts

  • Techs use precision measurement tools to ensure original factory standards

  • Top quality replacement parts used when necessary


The Magic Touch

With a work bench full of inspected parts, our techs get started with re-assembly. This final step is done by one technician only to ensure quality control. We use model-specific documentation and set back to original factory-specified standards. Many times we leave out mechanical seals (and install later per application) but otherwise, these pumps are assembled to match exactly what you’d see coming right off the Viking® factory line… right down to the port covers!

  • Each pump skillfully assembled in one step, by one technician only

  • Model-specific factory specifications and standards followed

  • Every Viking® gear pump pressure tested


The Finishing Touch

Once the freshly reassembled Viking® pump has been pressure tested it’s ready to be painted and given a final evaluation. Even though the aesthetic value of the pump is rarely a priority, we still take time to apply multiple coats of base and sealer before the paint so it will be as protected as possible. Again, we follow strict guidelines to ensure we’re meeting (or exceeding) factory standards. Finally, we carefully evaluation and double check every remanufactured pump to ensure you can rely on our work everytime!

  • Multiple layers of sealer and paint for maximum toughness

  • Highest quality paints and primers used

  • Every pump carefully evaluated by senior technician before it can be sold

Thousands of Replacement Parts In-Stock

Our huge inventory of Viking® parts means we can get the job done faster!

Which Viking® pump models do we rebuild? All of them! But most often:

  • Universal Seal (& Predecessors)
    125/225, 124A/4124A, 224A/4224A, 4124B

  • High Speed/Motor Speed
    195/4195, 197/4197

  • Abrasive/Ammonia/Asphalt
    34, 4625, 4925, 4924A, 4624B

  • General Purpose
    32, 432, 432-X

  • Magnet-Driven
    855, 893, 895, 897

  • Motor Mounted
    456, 75, 475, 456-X

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